Standards in the Classroom

The SAE International Standards in the Classroom initiative promotes awareness and accessibility to standards and educates young professionals on the importance, use, and benefits of standards.

Many of today's undergraduate-level students have not yet realized that other professionals have faced many of the same problems and have developed practices and standard methods of solution.

A lack of standards knowledge may result in:

  • Reinventing processes which are already codified in standards
  • Proliferation of needless parts
  • Technical errors
  • Excessive time searching for standards data
  • Poor product quality/performance
  • Poor conformity/connectivity to other systems
  • Lack of customer acceptance or product refusal
  • Suboptimal scheduling and budgeting

Exposing students to professional engineering standards, while they are still in school, will help prepare them for their careers. Engineers working in the mobility industry today must comply with government standards for occupant safety, fuel economy, emissions, and end-of-life recycling. They must also comply with industry standards for bolts, materials, and testing, as well as corporate standards.

With limited time for exposing students to professional practice while covering fundamental engineering topics in core courses, SAE International has created standards education materials for students and faculty members. SAE International offers a wealth of resources to better prepare students for entering the workforce, including professional codes and recommended practices, technical papers, and professional contacts.

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